don’t and doesn’t Usage Worksheet

Don’t and Doesn’t usage worksheet document.

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This is one of the largest worksheet from us.   The concept contains don’t and doesn’t usage.  It contains about 45 questions with key.  They are neatly organized and easy to use.  The file is in PDF and you can print it.

The following sentences (don’t and doesn’t) are used in the worksheet:

  1. Our teachers don’t want to hurt the kids.
  2. Olivia doesn’t know Spanish.
  3. James doesn’t care about results.
  4. I don’t like stage events.
  5. He doesn’t talk with strangers.
  6. It doesn’t run fast.
  7. We don’t do boxing at school.
  8. Lucas doesn’t eat fried foods.
  9. I don’t know how to write poems.
  10. Noah doesn’t want to stay with them.
  11. Ava doesn’t speak loud.
  12. He doesn’t sit in libraries.
  13. The parents don’t listen to their kids.
  14. John doesn’t worry about exams.
  15. I don’t want to talk about it.
  16. We don’t play in the classroom.
  17. We don’t go to yoga classes.
  18. She doesn’t trust any of them.
  19. I don’t play volleyball.
  20. Emma doesn’t take notes in music classes.
  21. They don’t listen to pop music.
  22. We don’t have any volleyball team.
  23. We don’t talk loud during prayer time.
  24. They don’t need to go to school tomorrow.
  25. We don’t want to spend too much money on travel.
  26. I don’t like to take part in the competitions.
  27. She doesn’t have many friends.
  28. I don’t argue with elders.
  29. You don’t need to worry about the exam.
  30. She doesn’t like to travel much.
  31. They don’t speak Spanish.
  32. We don’t go to school on Sundays.
  33. Ann doesn’t pay extra money.
  34. He doesn’t know how to play guitar.
  35. She does not like rainy weather.
  36. She doesn’t blame others for her mistakes.
  37. Tim doesn’t argue with his parents.
  38. They don’t worry about others.
  39. He doesn’t eat fish.
  40. He doesn’t tidy his room every day.
  41. They don’t go to the beach on Sundays.
  42. She doesn’t work on this project.
  43. He doesn’t care much about dress.
  44. I don’t like this perfume’s smell.
  45. Molly doesn’t listen to her parents.


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